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The Engine Air Cooling Unit was developed on the basis of many years of experience for laboratory test engine technology. The aim was to design a unit with optimum cooling capacity, economy and operational safety.

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We have responded to the requirements of the industry and have used every option to make it as easy as possi ble for you to handle your new cooling unit.

  1. easy temperature control
  2. Glycol level control
  3. automatic refill pump
  4. adjustable volume flow
  5. quick filter change
  6. easy cleaning and maintenance

Technical details

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Technical data

Engine Air Cooling Unit
Rated voltage:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Rated current:
Cooling capacity:
359kcal / 417W
Temp. range:
-5°C  −  +30°C
Filling weight:
R290 / 70g
max. permissible pressure:
35 bar

Scope of delivery

  • Operating instructions
  • 3 metre connection cable
  • 2x - 3 metre NBR hoses for carburettor connection
    (inner Ø 8 mm - outer Ø 12 mm)
  • 1x filling hose with suction strainer
  • 1x 15L water/glycol mixture in a canister
  • 2x air filter filter class G4

Engine Air Cooling Unit

  • Length: 503 mm
  • Width: 503 mm
  • Height: 1460mm


  • Diameter: 150 mm
  • Height: 80 mm
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plug & play

In addition to worldwide availability, it was important for us to deliver a complete, industrial-quality plant ready for connection. The Engine Air Cooling Unit is manufactured from highest quality materials and guarantees maximum reliability and durability. All relevant components are made of stainless steel or rust-free material.

quality control

Every Engine Air Cooling Unit that leaves our factory is extensively tested on our in-house test bench. You can therefore be sure that you will always receive a fully efficient unit for your test lab.


The Engine Air Cooling Unit was developed according to the ASTM standards:
D2699 - Research Octane Number
D2700 - Engine Octane Number.

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CFR digital counter

The centerpiece of the Engine Air Cooling Unit is the built-in glycol cooler. The unit, which can be replaced in no time at all, cools the refrigerant to the desired temperature and pumps it through the climate chamber and the carburettor bracket.

The closed system is made completely of stainless steel and has an optical fi lling level indicator. The integrated agitator motor on the pump produces perfect mixing of the glycol and prevents temperature stratifi cation and thus measurement errors in the glycol bath.

The thermostatic refrigerant injection via E-valve ensures precise temperature control and thus prevents overshooting around the setpoint. With the Engine Air Cooling Unit, you can always be sure of optimum conditions for your test lab.

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