Does your CFR or BASF test engine not deliver stable measurement results and the engine defects are accumulating? Just right for!

We disassemble your test engine down to the last screw! We clean, assess and restore every component and ultimately restore it to a condition that far exceeds the original state of the art. Components that are not within specification are expertly adjusted and replaced!


Overview control panel

Refurbishment of the control panel
  1. Metalworking
  2. Primer / Rust protection
  3. Painting in desired colour
Refurbishment of all components
  1. Cleaning
  2. Repair
  3. Paintwork
  4. Function test
  5. Calibration
New terminal box
  1. Completely new power contactors
  2. 110V & 230V socket with earth leakage circuit breaker
  3. Main switch for safe disconnection
  4. Emergency stop switch for emergencies
  5. Fault-free actuator switch (Compression Ratio)
  6. Touch-proof wiring according to VDE specifications
  7. New toroidal transformer
  8. New ignition system if required
  9. Single-phase control transformer is newly integrated in the control console.


Of course, goes one step further and easily transports your test engine into the 21st century.
We call it adddigital
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Housing­ preparation
Our claim - quite simple!

Whether it's the metalworking, the rust protection primer for increased impact resistance or the final 2-K paint job in the colour of your choice, you will be completely thrilled with the new housing of your test engine!

Each component is carefully and industrially cleaned in a slightly alkaline solution that has been specially added for

We have developed a precise schedule for the case preparation and the craftsmanship of our employees ensure that each case is restored to perfection with skilful handcrafting. That is our claim - quite simple!

At a glance

  • Metalwork
  • Cleaning of components
  • Priming
  • Rust protection
  • Painting in the colour of your choice
  • and much more...
CFR digital counter
Component refurbishment
You can be sure of that!

Every test engine is a little different! Whether through internal conversions, individualisations or new models or expansion stages from CFR or BASF. We are prepared for everything and know all specifications, designs and modules. Therefore, the preparation of electrical, analogue and technical components is no problem at all for us.

We take your test engine apart piece by piece down to the last screw, clean, repair or replace each component as necessary and in consultation with the customer! After extensive function tests and tolerance measurements of the individual components, we create test protocols and adjust everything to each other. We then test again and ensure that your test engine subsequently delivers good test results again. You can be sure of that!

At a glance
  1. Cleaning & visual inspection
  2. Repair & refurbishment
  3. Function tests
  4. Tolerance measurement
  5. Priming & Painting
  6. Test engine assembly
  7. Test bench/test run/TSF test
  8. Test protocols
  9. Quality control
  10. Shipping management
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Control cabinet
Safe & Sustainable

Due to our many years of practical experience in the operation of test engines, we know that the highest quality has the highest priority, especially in the area of control cabinet construction. The design of your new terminal box includes a precise energy process, sustainable planning and ensures safe operation.

Thanks to our first-class support, there are also no problems during commissioning! Together with you, we determine the requirements and manufacture your terminal box exactly according to your needs. In this way, suitable wiring ducts as well as cable protection conduits, cable tie holders, separators and touch-proof terminal strips find their place in your new control cabinet.

At a glance

  • Completely new power contactors
  • 110V & 230V socket with earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Main switch for safe disconnection
  • Terminal strips (safe to touch)
  • 110V contactor "Starting Relay"
    Part.No. MIE0101-1
  • 400V contactor "Mag.Switch 3 Phase"
    Part.No. MIE0101-2
  • Single-phase control transformer 400V > 110V / 5000VA
    Part.No. MIE0101-3
CFR digital counter
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Water Cooled
Exhaust Kit
Suitable for all CFR & BASF test engines

Set consisting of:

  • Water-cooled stainless steel exhaust with prefabricated exhaust gas temperature measuring point
  • Exhaust hose with stainless steel reinforcement
  • 110V solenoid valve for automatic cooling water control
  • Cooling water connection hoses (1/4" fitting connection)
  • Mounting accessories

Part.No. MIM0100-1

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Piping Kit (PVC)
Realised in the shortest time

The PVC piping kit from is light, flexible and easily replaces the solid steel/stainless steel counterpart from CFR. By simply gluing and screwing the components together, a pipe path of 5 metres can be realised in a very short time and can be easily extended if required.

The entire system also comes with a vacuum system + water trap that can be drained through a ball valve on the CFR motor. The pipes and fittings have a pressure resistance of PN16 and are extremely stable.

The PVC piping kit is reliable and maintenance-free from many years of experience, many customers have relied on this system for years!

Part.No. MIM0100-1

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Our service technicians are always ready to help you!

Perfect shipping, sustainable and on time, as agreed.

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